We understand that finding the perfect lifting solution for children can be a challenge.

Mobilising children safely requires different techniques to moving adults, so we understand you need products that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet these needs.

To meet this challenge we have developed a range of safe patient handling equipment designed and manufactured for children for use in education facilities and the home, ensuring a comfortable, safe and dignified experience.

Our experience of lifting and moving clients safely for over 41 years has given us the knowledge and experience to be able to advise and guide you to find the right solution for the specific mobility needs, challenges, care protocols and room requirements.

Helping you navigate the right equipment for your client and task

We understand you want to specify the best and most appropriate equipment for your clients but the healthcare landscape and patients needs are complex and the solutions are many.

To help you navigate which lift, sling, vest or accessory might be the most appropriate to complete the task you and your client require we have created an E-Book.

Our solutions for children

Our solutions assist with early mobilisation, helping to reduce complications from immobility, creating the perfect lift for the child and increasing the safety for the healthcare professional and or care team.

Lifting, transferring and standing children is not the same as small adults. Children have special requirements and therefore require products that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet these requirements.

Adults and the elderly

Support to help you navigate challenges with increasing number of clients, now living longer, with complex health conditions

Plus size

Helping you protect yourself while reducing further client health complications


Standing and Transferring children is not the same as adults. From setting the objective, to task activation and completion