Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

Freedom to move is a fundamental human need, we’ve seen first hand how increasing movement lifts spirits, helps belief and instills confidence.

That’s why we are dedicated to helping clients to move safely, with dignity and independence.


We understand the challenges of healthcare today

The Client

  • Client’s safety is not put at risk
  • The client’s dignity is not comprised where possible
  • Helping clients remain or return to the environment they are most comfortable in

The Caregiver

  • Sourcing equipment that can overcome resource challenges
  • Equipment that keeps caregivers safe
  • Increasing number of clients with fewer resources

The Environment

  • Facilitating a greater number of hospital discharges
  • Spaces that require solutions for plus sized patients
  • Finding solutions for temporary accommodation and or support design for special education facilities

Solutions for

Adults and the elderly

Support to help you navigate challenges with increasing number of clients, now living longer, with complex health conditions

Plus size

Helping you protect yourself while reducing further client health complications


Standing and Transferring children is not the same as adults. From setting the objective, to task activation and completion