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Repo Sheet®

RepoSheet® Lift Aid is a versatile lift sheet that supports the otherwise strenuous manual task of turning or repositioning a patient.


RepoSheet can be used either in combination with—or instead of—an ordinary bed sheet during the entire care period. With minimal effort, caregivers can maneuver a patient with the help of an overhead lift, and reposition or turn a patient without assistance. The sheet is available in launderable and single-patient-use (solo) versions, both of which come in various sizes.

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Hillrom RepoSheet Lift Aid

RepoSheet Lift Aid

This breathable cotton/polyester repositioning sheet enables one caregiver to easily reposition or turn a patient without assistance. It is available in two sizes: regular (max load: 440lbs) and ultra (max load: 1,100lbs), and it can be used with or without an ordinary sheet on top.

Solo RepoSheet Lift Aid

Solo RepoSheet Lift Aid

Offering the same benefits as a RepoSheet, our single-use Solo products are designed to help reduce the risk of infection, or offer a disposable option when washing is a problem. They are manufactured from a soft and comfortable material with good "breathing" capacity, and have safe working loads of 440 lbs and 660 lbs.

Technical Specifications

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RepoSheet Lift Aid
Safe Working Load 440lb, 1100lb
Fabric Cotton/Polyester blend, net polyester
Sizes Regular, Ultra
Solo RepoSheet Lift Aid
Safe Working Load 440lb, 660lb
Fabric Cotton/polyester blend
Sizes Short, generous

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