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Healthcare is unpredictable so your equipment needs to be as agile as caregivers.

Patient data needs to be accessible, accurate and safe so that knowledge of the patient and treatment can be accelerated to reduce patient deterioration, improving patient outcomes.

We know time is precious, so it’s essential that we do all we can to simplify caregivers day-to-day administration loads and help them with caregiver safety during times of uncertainty.

PSS Bedside Nurse

Agility gives you versatile, better connected solutions, allowing you to adapt quickly in times of crisis

  • Our Agility solutions provide caregivers with a digital-ready solution which means you can be prepared for any crisis and ensures you can treat all levels of patients accurately and safely
  • Provides a range of patient monitoring, which helps with improving diagnosis and accelerates treatment plans, by sending vital data to colleagues
  • Provides flexible bed frames and therapy surfaces so that patients can be easily stepped up and down depending on acuity level - one platform, many solutions
  • Versatile safe patient handling solutions which are ready to mobilise patients in the bed, up from bed and away from the bed, to provide a safe and efficient environment for patients and caregivers

“We need quality patient information to make important decisions for our patients.

Data must be complete with no errors…and we want to view it in a more emphathetic way."

Maria A. Bodi MD, PhD,
Hospital Universitario Joan XXIII, Tarragona


PSS Doctor and a  nurse looking at an Ipad


PSS Doctor in ICU