Smart solutions

We strongly believe that the future of healthcare lies in providing our customers with smart solutions



Smart solutions will provide the right care for our patients and caregivers.

We are more dedicated than ever to connecting care teams for a more insightful tomorrow.

The Healthcare sector is experiencing one of its most challenging times in history. It’s the right time for our acceleration towards more reliable, digital solutions, beyond hospital beds.

Our vision is to provide solutions that will turn healthcare into human care.

Invest for the future and not just today

By partnering with Hillrom, you will be making the right investment now.

An investment which will be sustainable and allows caregivers to provide the best care for their patients.

By digitally transforming your infrastructure through innovative equipment to provide a safer environment and accelerate patient recovery.


Care lies at the heart of everything we do


Patient and caregiver safety combined with clinical decision support are at the forefront of our smart solutions.

We’re providing you with solutions that protect patients and caregivers, in both ICU and MedSurg wards.

By improving the way we monitor and manage patient health, we can enhance patient outcomes now and for the future.