Improving movement and independence

We understand clients and environments are complex and the healthcare landscape is challenging, which is why we are committed to our training and environmental assessment programmes, supporting you so you can provide the best solutions for your clients, their families and prescribers alike.

Client and Environmental Assessments

We offer a range of client equipment and environmental assessments to ensure the correct solution is being prescribed for your client no matter what the care environment.

If an overhead lifting system is required for your client we can provide a full consultation. This includes site assessments to understand which system is the most appropriate for your client, based on activities, client size, weight and building type for installation.

A clear understanding of the clients needs is critical but navigating through the right equipment and accessories can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, so we have created a Safe Patient Handling E-book to help you to start to uncover the right solutions for your client.

To understand more speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can support you.

Training – Improving movement and independence

We are always seeking to develop and enhance our products and want to ensure our products are being fully utilised, so we have developed a wide range of E-learning programmes so you quickly catch up with any developments and features.

Our E-Learning programmes:

  • Likorall overhead lifts
  • Viking mobile lifts
  • Sabina sit to stand lifts
  • Golvo mobile lifts
  • Plus sized client equipment

Lunch & Learn sessions

We understand the time pressure on you, but also understand continuous learning is crucial to keep up with the latest in product developments or help to understand how to get the most out of existing solutions that can assist your clients with the best solution to achieve objectives set. Hillrom would like to offer lunch and learn sessions on the below subjects.

  • Complex Sling Solutions
  • Solutions for plus sized patients
  • Sabina sit to stand lifts
  • Solutions for Children
  • Sabina sit to stand lift

These sessions will last for approximately 45 minutes and can be delivered fact to face or virtually.

We also offer a range of face-to-face or digital learning options, these courses are a great option to get some face-to-face time with an expert whilst extending your knowledge on a variety of topics such as:


Patient handling techniques

How to select the correct equipment solution

Demonstration of our safe patient handling portfolio.

We run these courses once every 3 months.

Please be aware face to face sessions will be limited/cancelled based on government COVID-19 guidelines or automatically moved to a virtual event. Face to face sessions will also be limited to 30 attendee’s when appropriate.