Wingset Positioners
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Wingset Positioners 

Prone Supports


The wingsets are prone patient supports designed to comfortably and safely position patients with varying anatomies. They can be placed on the Allen® Advance Table, Allen Flex Frame or the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System*. Allen Wingsets have been optimized for pressure management and adjustability.

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  • Allows abdomen to hang free
  • Designed to reduce compression of brachial plexus
  • Offers sternal decompression 
  • Adjustable for barrel-chested, pediatric and scoliosis patients
  • Used with shear-reducing, moisture-absorbent comfort cover disposables
  • Multi-layer pad design for optimal pressure management
  • Accommodates pediatric to adult patients
  • Replacement pads available
  • Pediatric model available: pads are slightly smaller in their dimensions than the adult pad sets
  • Contour Breast Positioner available: prone chest support designed to accommodate large breasted female patients. Since it relieves direct pressure on the breasts, it is also ideal for patients with implants.

Technical Specifications

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CE marked: Yes
Patient weight capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Pads adjust to width of: 10" - 18" (225 mm - 455 mm) / 17" - 21" (430 mm - 535 mm) / 17" - 21" (430 mm - 535 mm)