Welch Allyn<sup>®</sup>
Spot Vision Screener–Autorefractor
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Welch Allyn®

Spot® Vision Screener–Autorefractor

The Spot Vision Screener is an easy-to-use autorefractor that identifies refractive errors and ocular misalignment in children and adults.


The Spot Vision Screener Autorefractor is ideal for adults with small pupils (3mm and greater), non-verbal patients, children and patients with disabilities. The portable, handheld device tests for refractive errors easily and efficiently—from a non-invasive, three-foot distance. Its touchscreen display uses on-screen instructions to guide the user through the screening process. This is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand screening solution for eye care professionals.

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  • Autorefracts patients of all ages without dilation (6 months to seniors)
  • Spherical equivalent range measures +/- 7.50D
  • Auto-capture technology provides instant results
  • Connected workflow can sends results directly to your EMR •
  • Measures pupils down to 3 mm (20 to 100-year-old)
  • Refracts monocular or binocular (SE, DS, DC, axis)
  • Touchscreen display is easy to use
  • Results for both eyes are displayed on screen in seconds

Easy to Use

Quickly capture an image of both eyes in just seconds.


Seamlessly export summary reports to be uploaded to the EMR.


Easily use in between exam rooms and patients.


Identify refractive errors and ocular misalignment.

Bring the Exam to Your Patients

When treating patients with small pupils, limited mobility and disabilities, it can be hard for eye care professionals to maintain efficient workflows. The handheld, portable Spot Vision Screener can make identifying refractive errors easier and more efficient.

Education & Documentation

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Product Documentation

  • Videos

  • Brochure

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    Spot Vision Screener Autorefractor, Brochure
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    Spot Vision Screener Comprehensive Support Program
  • Specification Sheet

    Spot Vision Screener Specification Sheet
  • User Manual

    Icon PDP
    Welch Allyn Vision Spot Screener Model VS100, Software version 3.0.XX, User Manual
  • User Manual (Previous Versions)

    Welch Allyn Vision Screener Model VS100, Software version 3.1.XX, User Manual

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