THERAPY 2 Pressure Care Surface
A full air surface that goes beyond standard hospital bed mattresses, designed to help assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, supporting pulmonary therapy protocols and more.
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THERAPY 2 Pressure Care Surface

Premium smart surface for vulnerable patients


The Therapy 2 pressure care surface is a standalone full air surface designed to manage your vulnerable patients. With support for pulmonary therapy protocols, advanced skin protection therapy modes and more, the Therapy 2 surface is specially equipped to help in the prevention of common complications associated with immobility.



Meet an Air Pressure Mattress Designed for Today’s Healthcare Organisations

The Therapy 2 pressure care surface is a standalone full-air surface. This therapeutic surface has integrated pulmonary, pressure ulcer prevention and prone features designed with critical patient in mind. It can be part of the hospital protocols to assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers and pulmonary complications associated with immobility. It is ideally suited for ICU and stepdown environments.

An illustration of an upturned hand represents support

Put Safety & Comfort First

This air pressure surface is designed for comfort and ready to support specialised therapies if complications arise.

An illustration of a nurse represents clinical burden

Work Efficiently

Avoid time-consuming and costly transfers, rentals and equipment searches.

Two illustrated people, connected by dotted lines, represent connectivity

Keep Connected

Stay informed on patient and/or surface status, and react to patient needs more quickly.

Support Pulmonary Protocols

Help your immobile patients breathe easier with proper positioning — without adding strain to your clinicians.

  • Provide continuous lateral rotation (CLR) therapy to help prevent pulmonary complications*
  • Support proning orders and protocols with prone management*
A clinician checks her patient’s back for pressure ulcers

Expect Advanced Skin Protection for Preventing Pressure Injuries

Immobile patients are at higher risk for skin breakdown.1 The Therapy 2 pressure care surface is designed for advanced skin protection, so you can:

  • Assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers with Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) or Alternating Low Pressure (ALP) therapy modes
  • Adjust air pressure with Comfort Adjust technology 
  • Help turn patients easily with patient mobilization mode and reminders
  • Manage heat and moisture with improved MicroClimate Management

Be Alerted to Signs of Patient Deterioration

As a second set of eyes, the contact-free, continuous monitoring system acts as a compliment to episodic and continuous vital signs monitors and alerts the caregiver of heart or respiratory rates that exceed the pre-determined thresholds.2

Close-up view of heart and respiratory rate readings on the Hillrom Syntheto surface

Reduce Transfers and Equipment Searches

Help reduce time-consuming transfers and costly rentals of specialised hospital bed mattresses. The Therapy 2 surface’s integrated pump and X-ray sleeve can help you perform more in-room procedures and therapies.

Stay Connected to Patient and Surface Status

Send out-of-bed alerts, surface pressure notifications (PMAX) and other surface status data where you need it — whether it’s the nurse’s station or the EMR.

*Optional feature

Manufacturer: Hill-Rom S.A.S. - Z.I. du Talhouët 56330 Pluvigner, France
Class IIa - Notified Body GMED 0459
This medical device is a regulated health product which, pursuant to such regulation bears a CE mark. Baxter recommends that you carefully read the detailled instructions for safe and proper use included in the documents accompanying the medical device. The personnel of healthcare establishments are responsible for the proper use and maintenance of these medical devices.

  2. Churpek MM, Adhikari R, Edelson DP. The value of vital sign trends for detecting clinical deterioration on the wards. Resuscitation. 2016;102:1-5.J