NP150 Prevention Surface
Constructed with viscoelastic ‘memory foam’, the NP150 mattress from Hillrom has been specially developed to help prevent pressure ulcers.

NP150 Prevention Surface

Self-adjusting, efficient and safe pressure ulcer prevention. 


Constructed with viscoelastic ‘memory foam’, our NP150 mattress has been specially developed to help prevent pressure ulcers. The surface moulds to the patient’s shape, evenly distributes weight and contours to  body shape in any position, increasing patient comfort and pressure redistribution. 

Temperature-sensitive viscoelastic foam

Conforms to body shape and reduces interface pressure

Welded cover with built-in carry handles

High-density side sections designed for patient safety and improved egress

Product Documentation

  • Instructions for Use

    Hillrom NP150 Viscoelastic High Resilience Foam Mattress Instructions for Use Multilanguage
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic Матрак от пеноматериал Инструкции за употреба
    Viskoelastičan madrac NP150 tvrtke Hillrom™ Madrac od pjene Upute za upotrebu
    Materac Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic z pianki termoelastycznej – Instrukcja użytkowania
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic Penový matrac Návod na použitie
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viskoelastično ležišče Penasto ležišče Navodila za uporabo
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic Στρώμα από αφρολέξ Οδηγίες χρήσης
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic Pěnová matrace Návod k použití
    Hillrom™ NP150 viszkoelasztikus Szivacsos ágybetét Használati utasítás
    Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic Матрац из пеноматериала Инструкция по эксплуатации
    Hillrom™ NP150 Monodensity High Resilience Foam Mattress Kullanım Talimatları
    "Hillrom™ NP150 粘弹性 泡沫床垫 使用说明"
    "Hillrom™ NP150 Viscoelastic 海棉床墊 使用說明"
    "Hillrom™ NP150 Nệm Mút Lò Xo Đàn Hồi Cao Hướng dẫn Sử dụng"