Life2000Ventilator (Acute Care)
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Life2000® Ventilator (Acute Care)

The Life2000 Ventilator (Acute Care)is a portable, 1 lb. unit that provides invasive or mask-free, non-invasive breathing support.


The Life2000 Ventilator (Acute Care)is a lightweight (1 lb.), volume-controlled unit designed to provide breathing support to acute care patients who are in mild to moderate respiratory distress. It's also used to provide transitional, pre-discharge support to recovering patients who no longer need conventional mechanical ventilation. The device's Proportional Open Ventilation® (POV®) technology supports your patient's comfort with a mask-free interface and may help prevent some of the challenges often associated with traditional ventilators, such as tolerance to pressure modes, or skin breakdown resulting from a tightly fitted mask.

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Light weight and up-to-6-hour battery life allow patient ambulation.


The Breathe Pillows Interface® system provides non-invasive ventilation.


Helps your patients transition from high- to low-acuity settings.

Technical Specifications

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Ventilation Modes Assist, Assist/Control, Control with Apean backup
Tidal Volume Up to 2000 mL (via Venturi effect)
Maximum Positive Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) 40 cmH2O
Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) 0-10 cmH2O


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