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Harvey DLX Stethoscope Veterinary
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Welch Allyn®

Harvey DLX Stethoscope Veterinary

The HarveyDLX Stethoscope is a full-range cardiology/pulmonology stethoscope developed for precision and acoustic clarity.


Providing clear, crisp sound, the Harvey DLX helps enhance your auscultation capabilities.


The Harvey DLX Stethoscope is specifically designed to accentuate important sounds and enable you to hear cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds without relying on difficult variable-pressure techniques. The Harvey DLX is equipped with dual-bore tubing that creates two uninterrupted sound channels and works with the optimally weighted chrome-plated brass chestpieces to transmit a full range of physical sounds. Providing clear, crisp sound, the Harvey DLX helps enhance your auscultation capabilities. 

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  • Rotatable triple-head (brass bell and flat or corrugated) chestpieces available
  • Pediatric chestpieces available
  • Available with double-head (bell and flat diaphragm) chestpieces
  • Rotatable binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing eartips
  • NEW 28" length for greater range of motion
  • Triple-leaf binaural spring encased in polyurethane
  • Latex-free
  • 10-rear warranty

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