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Realize Operational Savings with Remote Bed Management

The daily tasks and requirements weighing on biomed and IT departments can be extremely time intensive and complex. Employing a remote service tool like SmartCare Remote Management can give you an edge and time back in your day.

SmartCare Remote Management is designed to streamline your workflow by providing a comprehensive look at your smart med-surg and ICU beds — including their status and location — so you can target your efforts for improved operational efficiency. Let’s explore how remote management works.

Basic troubleshooting often involves physically locating beds, reviewing the error code information on the graphical caregiver interface or notes left by the nurse, and potentially calling Hillrom tech support or referencing the service manual. It’s manual labor and time intensive. SmartCare Remote Management makes gathering error code and resolution information easy. Not only can you access this information immediately via the SmartCare Remote Management portal, you will also know where the bed is located and if there is a patient occupying it. Help improve operational efficiency for some key activities and see the impact it can have in your day-to-day.

Estimated time savings* include:

  • 30 minutes per bed saved on location tracking
  • 60 minutes per bed saved identifying error codes and troubleshooting - assessing and understanding errors
  • 30 minutes per bed saved updating firmware
  • 15 minutes per bed saved preventive maintenance planning

All in a Day’s Work
You can quickly and easily view reports to confirm your updates deployed properly, right from your desk. Your time is valuable, so make the most of it with a remote management tool that is designed to help reduce manual tasks and give time back in your day. SmartCare Remote Management’s web-based portal puts device details at your fingertips, helping make repairs, updates and preventive maintenance simpler so you can focus your time on what matters most.

* Estimated time savings. Actual time may vary based on the facility size and number of beds. Contact your Hillrom representative to learn more.



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