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Remote Management - Get Proactive and Protect Your Investment

We often lean on our biomedical engineers and IT professionals to “put out fires” when experiencing an issue with a device or our network.

But we can — and should — get ahead of some things to minimize costly delays. Here are just a few reasons to start now:

  • Software management gaps put patients and their data at risk.1
  • Healthcare company data breaches cost an average of $7.1 million.2
  • On average, it takes 280 days to identify and contain a data breach.2

Take Control with SmartCare Remote Management

Take control of the health and well-being of your connected equipment by proactively managing it from a single, remote location. With a remote portal that’s easy to access and a service that scales whether you’re managing one facility or fifty, we can help you ensure your solutions are connected and compliant by confirming proper configurations, up-to-date software and more.

Remote device management:

  • Enables more consistent and timely management of smart beds and devices with immediate remote access.
  • Gives access to up-to-date details including near real-time location, required firmware updates and data to help identify needed repairs.
  • Helps you proactively service beds and devices to reduce downtime and minimize care disruptions.

Maximize Uptime to Protect your Investment and Your Time

SmartCare Remote Management can help you ensure beds are fixed correctly the first time, improve preventive maintenance efforts and ease the burden on your team so you can focus on urgent matters.

Learn more about how remote device management can help you proactively handle preventive maintenance and more.



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