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A Connectivity Masterclass with IMS Maxims

Event series: Completing the Picture Digital Festival 2020
Recording date: Monday 12th October 2020.
Robert Stow, John Mendonca & Matt Cass – Hillrom

A practical demonstration of Hillrom vital signs connectivity into IMS Maxims Electronic Patient Record System. IMS-Maxims are an award winning provider of digital health transformation programmes, enabling providers to deliver safer, faster and more efficient healthcare support by EPR Software designed around professionals not processes.

Pagers Are Passé: It’s Time to Transition to a Smartphone-Based Communications Platform

Event series: Completing the Picture Digital Festival 2020
Recording date: Thursday 15th October 2020
Dana Peco, Sr. Manager of Clinical Development, Hillrom & Eric Brill, Director of Clinical Solutions, Hillrom

What if your care teams could connect about patient care as easily as they connect with their friends and family? Now they can, by switching from the limited capabilities of pagers to the power of a smartphone-based communications platform. This session will explore real-life solutions for connecting your care teams, improving care coordination, streamlining clinical workflows and accelerating patient treatment. Learn how to transition from pagers to smartphones, administer and manage mobile applications throughout your health system build a unified staff directory, keep communications secure with advanced encryption technology and Integrate to the EPR and other alert and alarm sources.

Advancing Connected Care Through Smart Bed Technology

Event series: Completing the Picture Digital Festival 2020
Recording date: Friday 16th October 2020
James Rhodes, Market Manager, Hillrom UK & Ireland and Anthony McInnes Willard, Hillrom UK Sales Manager, Connectivity Solutions

Medical devices are being connected throughout the hospital environment to improve patient safety and help healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions. Beds are no different. During this session you will be introduced to smart bed technology and how this technology can be used within acute care facilities to improve patient safety, improve patient outcomes and improve healthcare professional workflow and decision making with accurate and actionable data.