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Connectivity Workshop

Join us for our upcoming connectivity workshop. 

Exploring Your Digital Transformation Journey to Create a Fully Connected Vital Signs Workflow

Wednesday 9th November 2022 | 09.30 -16.00

Hilton Cobham Seven Hills Rd, Cobham KT11 1EW

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Join us for a day of networking & education with colleagues from other hospital trusts in the South East region.

About the Workshop

Are you on your digital transformation journey with vital signs devices? Interested in learning best practices? Want to improve patient outcomes and safety by connecting your medical technology?

Digital Transformation is a key element in the future of the NHS, using Medical Technology to support healthcare professionals with data to inform clinical decisions at be the bedside means better care than ever before.  We are delighted to be bringing together experts and users to share experiences of implementing connected technology. 

Learning Outcomes

Join the discussion at our interactive workshop:

  • Hear from Kevin Percival, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust as he shares their journey in full connectivity of Vital Signs devices into Epic 
  • Hear from clinicians about the benefits of a fullyconnected vital signs device and the positive impact on nursing care
  • More topics on NHS Digital Transformation and the art of the possible.

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