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About Advancing Connected Care

Find out more about our learning platform. 

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Everyday caregivers demonstrate their passion for helping people with their dedication. Advancing Connected Care, a platform created by Hillrom is born out of this passion, to both educate and celebrate the advances in the healthcare industry with a particular focus on innovative technology.

By continuously progressing and learning, clinicians are able to improve both the quality of care and the outcomes of their patients whilst driving cost and time efficiencies across their care settings. Advancing Connected Care is dedicated to providing the very best content and education from industry leaders, with an emphasis on pioneering insights via live events, webinars and thought-leadership features, all accessible on one platform.

This platform aims to be the go-to portal for knowledge sharing and peer to peer education. It features a diverse range of on demand webinars led by healthcare experts and articles accessible in an education zone as part of our learning series, covering both general healthcare news as well as role-specific content.

Advancing Connected Care will also be the home to a series of live and online events offering even more opportunities for learning as well as valuable networking opportunities with peers. 

To get involved all you need to do is register your interest to watch webinars or subscribe to free emails to have upcoming events, on demand webinars and Hillrom updates delivered directly to your inbox.