What is 
Voalte Mobile?

Voalte Mobile is the next big step in care communications
— empowering healthcare teams with a seamless and powerful mobile app.

The single source of truth for availability within any hospital, finding the right person in the right role at the right time. A user friendly interface with multiple modes of communication for all staff.

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Enabling optimal
care communication


About Voalte Mobile

The digital workspace is here. Now more than ever, being connected and communicating with your care team in a timely, efficient, intuitive manner is vital for the patient’s safety and to ensure the entire clinical workspace is optimised with the limited tools available. 

The post-pandemic era has left the healthcare system scarred and - in most cases - unable to keep up with the demands that living in the digitalised world requires. This has accelerated the need for streamlined solutions and tools to bring workflows and communication to the digital era.

Voalte Mobile has been developed with caregivers in mind, and its set of features and intuitive tools empowers caregivers to do more with their care communication.



Voice, Text, Alarms and
Alerts & Dynamic Directory

Streamline workflows and improve communication so that any care team has the information they need to move their patients along the path to recovery, anytime, anywhere.

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Every healthcare organisation is as unique as their dedicated teams; therefore, it is vital for the Voalte Mobile team to offer solutions that are tailored to their needs.

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